Experience the best web hosting with softaculous web provider

06/08/2012 16:00

The Softaculous web provider is the best hosting website which also enables you to install more than 200 applications along with it. These applications are much needed in everyday lives and when downloaded and installed separately consumes a huge amount of time and space. Softaculous provides protection and hardware security from hackers and hosted from data centres. A 24/7 online help support is offered which gives their users any kind of technical assistance regarding website setting up and management. Their response time is so less that in-between of your web hosting process if you get stuck at some point you may ping their customer care and get immediate solution.

The softaculous web provider not only renders easy installation of applications but also new web hosting and transferring from existing websites too. These two methods work separately as follows-

Starting new website:

With softacolous you can now start your own website within few minutes. The method is done in a small number of steps the first being the setting up a domain. They allow you to insert a free domain name without any extra charges. The next step is to fill up your vital details and your account will be activated immediately. With just one click of submit you will get over 200 applications for free and automatically installed.

Transferring website:

You might be having troubles with your existing web provider but wondering how to transfer. Softaculous web provider gives you the opportunity of moving your domain without any hassle. You just need to fill in a registration form giving away your website details and without any trouble your all information will be automatically transferred on to softaculous. You would not suffer with downtime anymore and have an easy applications managing experience with this software. They also provide expert installation help if any customer asks for it.